I’m a philosopher living in the Bay Area, writing about neuroscience, philosophy of mind, and complexity theory. Co-founder of the Qualia Research Institute. Contact me: mike [at] qualiaresearchinstitute.org

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  1. Hello, I am trying to find out if the brain shuts down sequentially when going to sleep, entering the deepest states of meditation and at the time of death. Do you know of any work in this field?



  2. Hello, I’m a Physics student in Rome and I would really like to help you in your research, I believe that trying to explain emotions and feelings with science is quite an opportunity to better understand human beings, even if there may be something we cannot reduce to an equation: I wish to understand why and if there’s a solution or an explanation. Do you think I might help you with a traineeship program or some kind of projects you have? I really wish to get into this field, because in my opinion is the one big question we are all looking the answer for.

    Best regards,


  3. Hi Mike

    I invented and patented the Electronic Neural Resonator Patent US8,478,410 B2 to resonate neural circuits in the brain. Line 39 column 29 states the device could also be used to stimulate neural pathways in the brain. In claim 8, I described how to resonate a plurality of neurons at their fundamental or harmonic frequencies by integrating them into an R.L.C. circuit. After I was granted my patent in 2013 I thought the intellectual property was protected so when people asked me what the prototype device was for I told them it was designed to create standing resonate wave patterns in the neural network (brain). It’s a neural resonator. It does what the brain does naturally. Until now neuroscience has not been able to appreciate the device. Now that Selen Atasoy published Connectome-Specific Harmonic Waves theory maybe neuroscience can better understand the Electronic Neural Resonator. Please feel free to contact me via Email for further discussion.

    Thank You

    Michael Kivlighan

  4. The future of Neuroscience.

    The resonance will not be on frequency which is timing basis. From our mental experience, the resonance/coupling should be from more fundamental index, and may including more indexes…

    See the Basic Signal of Mind is the future of Neuroscience, and it’s the basis of Neuroscience.

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