Quote of the Week: May 13

At the University of Bristol in England, gene-chip analysis β€” the marriage of DNA chemistry and silicon electronics β€” shows that the same variety of wheat expresses its genes very differently depending on whether it’s grown in conventional or organic conditions.

When Science Sniffs Around the Kitchen, The New York Times

I’ve got to think that these sorts of findings- along with the established trend that today’s fruits and vegetables are significantly less nutritious than those of 1950- may help take organics more fully mainstream in the next few years.

3 thoughts on “Quote of the Week: May 13

  1. It is really too bad that organic food is not available locally during the cold months up here in Minnesota.

  2. i’ve been hearing a lot of buzz around town about that very same subject. it came up when i was talking with a few friends last night. it just shows you we’re at a tipping point.

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