Dear Readers,

Here’s a quick update on what I’ve been up to and blog plans:

1. I’ve written an article for the Wikipedia community newsletter, the Wikipedia Signpost. It covers what’s been going on at Citizendium, our future plans, why Wikipedians should care about Citizendium, and some personal philosophical digressions. I really like how the article turned out. If you’re a Wikipedian or interested in wikis I encourage you to go check it out.

2. Quotes of the week- I’ve been working full-steam on some ideas (see 3.) and my quote of the week tradition has been one of the casualties. Sorry! They’ll likely return when the intellectual ferment on these new ideas settles down. This gives me some time to build up more really good quotes, too.

3. I promised you five novel research ideas in July, and I gave you three. Well, the last two ideas have grown into a rather substantial research project, which may yet end up on this blog– I’m just not ready to post it. I might also look for alternate or additional venues to publish it, and may be asking my neuroscientist friends for publication advice once it’s in a more polished form (appreciated, as always).