I’m once again blogging after nearly five months; I apologize to my readers for the hiatus. A combination of things conspired to keep me away- after my last post, I was invited to join the Citizendium Executive Committee, my computer died, and a host of “real life” issues demanded my attention. I was also faced with a problem-I spent nearly a month on-and-off writing my post on Citizendium, and it got a pretty fantastic reception (my first slashdotting!). How do I follow that up without blogging full-time?

The last bit seems to have taken care of itself. It’s easy to improve on five months of silence. :)

This blogging season I’m going to shoot for more original work and a regular quote of the week on topics I’m thinking about. No promises about how timely the original work will be, but I’ll post a new quote every week by noon on Monday.

And finally, a request: if any reader out there has or is working toward a Ph.D. in physics, chemistry, or biology, and likes to think about unusual, hypothetical problems, send me an email. I have one.

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